Once again Bill yes I am talking about the Chevy Bel Aire Bill is bored and dug up some more memories and came up with a 1967 T Bird that years ago he owned one. He pulled this car into my shop on a trailer and in good working condition I must say the engine started ran fairley good considering but Bill would not settle for anything less than total restoration. The engine has been totally rebuilt the Transmission has been resealed. All of the rest of the undercarriage and engine compartment has been blasted and painted. For those of you who don't know I sure didn't this is a very rare and special car the options that were available was phenominal. Vaccuum needs to be in great supply for this vehicle cause most of the options are vaccuum operated. So I began with a complete replacement of every single vaccuum line in this vehicle which has equated to about 175 feet. I currently have all the heater operations working as it came from the factory. Door locks have been a very frustrating project as it has a rolling lock feature which those of you who have a newer car this is no big deal but back then it was a premium and not offered on many in that year. I got the rear tailamps operating and to my surprise they had a sighnature sequential rear lamp feature this was so cool when I got all this done. It also has a steering wheel tilt feature that when you open the door the wheel pops up out of your way this is fully functional. In the works Bill is hard at work making the passenger seat electric the drivers side is already electric. The front headlamp covers operate on vaccuum so when you turn on the headlamps the covers pop up. Next on my list was a remote trunk latch switch that was offered as an option this will also be totally restored to manufacture specs. It is April of 2009 and we are nearing the end just finished a small punch list and I am close to closing this one out.


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