Our engine services are as complete as any other shop out there. We can do anything from cylinder heads to complete engine rebuilds. Hi performance and marine engines are also available. In most cases it is very hard to not compromise quality in place of an affordable solution.This is where bieng a consultant can help we will take the time to tell you the whole story and tell you the pros and cons to what options you can be faced with. Then you as the finacier and driver of that vehicle can choose which is the best way to go.

If it comes to a result of a complete engine replacement feel good to know that we offer as our premier engine builder Hi Tech Engines from Motorworks. These engines usually come with two different builds a premium build and a industry standard build both are far above industry standards so the reason they offer two choices is basically for competitive purposes we all know that the parts chains offer very low priced engines Motorworks counters that with an industry standard model. This model first off is still above the industry standard that all parts store chains use, has all the quality parts that is offered in the premuim build, however it will regrind valves in the cylinder head instead of replacing them. Premium build engines (if you went to the Motorworks site will know) are one of the best engines that can be purchased here in the Untited States and built here in the United States. These engines are held to the utmost standard that they can put a limited 5 year 50,000 mile warranty on these engines.


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